Our Child Care PhilosophyChild-Care-Centre

At Future Super Stars ELC we strive to ensure that we deliver a high quality Early Learning Program and service to our families and their children.

We aim to create respectful and collaborative partnerships with our families, ensuring that their children’s needs are fulfilled and assisting the children to reach their full potential.

We believe our children need to:

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment when reflecting on their learning.
  • Be given a variety of choices and responsibilities.
  • Develop their creativity and exploration through many different mediums, including music, dance, drama, storytelling, art/craft, books and role play.
  • Be exposed to a rich, stimulating and natural environment that focuses on their interests.
  • Have a balance of open-ended commercial and natural resources to promote interactions, spontaneity, exploration, discovery, wonder and connection with the environment and community.
  • Be empowered to be become critical thinkers.
  • Be respected as an equal member of our community.
  • Have an equal opportunity to learn.
  • Be central to their own learning.

We believe our children should be able to:

  • Pursue their own interests, revisit and build upon their own ideas at their own pace of learning.
  • Appreciate the natural environment.
  • Learn best through play.
  • Become independent, caring and active members of the community and society.
  • Develop resilience, self-confidence, a positive self-esteem and self-worth through positive encouragement and guidance.

We value our families:

  • Involvement and feedback into the development and delivery of our educational program.
  • Honest and open communication.
  • Diversity and culture.
  • Contributions to the service.

We believe our families:

  • Need to feel a sense of security and belonging at the service.
  • Need to be able to actively participate in their child’s learning by sharing ideas, culture needs, knowledge and differences.
  • Should feel respected, welcomed and included within our service.
  • Play a crucial role in helping their children reach their full potential.

We believe that our educators will:

  • Respect the thoughts, rights and opinions of our families.
  • Work collaboratively with our families and create positive partnerships.
  • Acknowledge each child’s individuality, potential and uniqueness.
  • Meet the needs of the child as an individual.
  • Demonstrate a positive self-esteem within the many cultures in our service.
  • Respect the diverse cultures, ethnicity, lifestyle and religion of our families.
  • Aim to achieve a sense of wonder, belonging and a love for our land, nature and animals to enable the children to develop a lifelong, respectful relationship and proactive attitude towards the environment and a sustainable future.
  • Create environments and learning experiences to enable positive trustful relationships, courage, resilience and empowerment.
  • Encourage our children to take safe risks, develop confidence and learn from their mistakes.
  • Provide a learning environment that is warm, nurturing, fun, safe and stimulating.
  • Create an educational program that is inspired by the children’s curiosity and their natural ability to learn through play.
  • Seek to achieve a balance of child-initiated exploration and intentional teaching within our curriculum.
  • Are nurturing, kind and passionate.

We value our educators for:


  • Their commitment required to build on knowledge, theory, practice and research through everyday practices and professional development.
  • Their dedication to our families and our service.
  • Their dedication to the children.