Our Child Care PhilosophyChild-Care-Centre

At Future Super Stars Early Learning Centres we strive to provide a high quality service that meets the individual needs of each child through a Reggio Emilia inspired approach.

The Reggio Emilia Approach puts the natural development of children and the close relationship they share with their environment at the forefront of this philosophy.

With a program that is based in the principles of respect, responsibility and community through exploration and discovery in an environment that is supportive, enriching and based on the children’s interests.

We view each child as an individual who is strong, powerful and rich in potential, they are driven by an amazing power of wanting to grow. This drive to grow makes children curious, inspires them to question and encourages them to explore all that surrounds them.

For this reason we believe it is integral to nurture and guide children through their development, while inspiring them to continue to develop their potential holistically.

We believe in supporting each child through their learning by:

  • Acknowledging and respecting their strong sense of identity.
  • Helping them feel safe, secure and supported in order to reach their full potential.
  • Developing confident self-identities and resilience.
  • Recognising and respecting their strengths, interests and abilities.
  • Allowing them to have control over the direction of their learning and interactions with their peers.
  • Offering them endless opportunities to express themselves.
  • Encouraging positive practices in their play, interactions with people around them and the environment, as well as an appreciation for everyone’s efforts in what they do.
  • Empowering them to become deep thinkers.
  • Celebrating diversity, cultures and our beautiful country.
  • We believe that working collaboratively with families towards their children’s learning and development plays a crucial role in helping their child reach their full potential.

For this reason we believe in:

  • Building a relationship with families that include respect, trust, communication, consultation, information sharing and understanding.
  • Creating a homely environment by incorporating families’ interests, beliefs and values.
  • Inviting families to participate in and contribute towards their child’s learning and development.

Our aim at Future Super Stars ELC is to create a centre where families feel welcomed and children are learning continuously in an enjoyable and enriching environment.